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5 Things You Will Find in Every Gamer’s Backpack

Gamers are a growing breed of people. There is now such a thing as a professional gamer. They play for high stakes tournaments, in much the same manner as there are professional poker players who play in tournaments. They may look young, geeky or nerdy, however, what sets them apart is their fairly large backpack that they bring along with them wherever they go. Gamers love to bring their games along with them and these are the things inside those backpacks.

  1. Laptop. Gamers love their laptop. In most tournaments, there are standard gaming desktops for use by the players. To keep in shape, gamers bring their own laptops to practice wherever they are. Although there are gaming laptops, which are worth more than $3,000, most gamers use more modestly priced machines. You can easily find the best laptop for under $400, but gamers have specific needs and would only settle for the best.
  2. Headset. Popular games are dependent on their music and sound effects. In most instances, gamers like to play them as loud as possible. However, they may not be pushing the volume so much when they wear headsets. Besides keeping their games quiet with the use of headsets, they also need to communicate with other gamers when playing network games.
  3. Gaming mouse. There is such a thing as a gaming mouse. It only looks like a regular mouse, but with plenty of LED lights. However, a gaming mouse is also more sensitive than a regular computer mouse. There is also a certain ergonomic feel and design about the mouse, which makes it better to hold. In most instances, there are also extra buttons on the mouse, which are customizable and used depending on the game.
  4. Phone tablet. A gamer does not always play with a computer. In his spare time, he would be playing on a phone tablet. While others are content to play with their regular sized phones, most gamers would rather have a slightly larger phone, but not a full-blown tablet.
  5. Straw bottle/thermos bottle. Like other computer geeks, they like to have their own bottles close at hand. It can contain an energy drink or even a tall drink of coffee. They need it to keep awake during tournaments.

There are other things that a gamer would have in his backpack. There are some who have neck pillows, power banks, can holders, cables of every kind, as well as a wrist support for carpal tunnel syndrome. These are all necessities, however, gamers usually bring these along as a matter of personal preference. As a general rule, the top five items they have in their backpack are a gaming laptop, headset, gaming mouse, phone tablet also for games, and a straw bottle or a thermos bottle.

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Are Hoverboards Just for Geeks or Everybody?

are-hoverboards-just-for-geeks-or-everybodyHoverboards have become a hit before they were even made available in the market. Fans of the 1989 Back to the Future II would surely know about it. The lead character of the movie Marty McFly was riding a hoverboard on the year set in 2015. Fast forward today, hoverboards sell like hotcakes around the world. Although these hoverboards are technically self-balancing two-wheeled boards and not completely similar to the one in the movie, they were given this name since they are almost similar. There are already products that do not have wheels and fly like that of the movie, but they are extremely expensive and cost thousands of dollars.

Since hoverboards are tied with the science fiction movie that is about time traveling, people are asking if they are only for geeks or if they are for everybody. These items can be used even by non-geeks, although it’s still not for everyone. It requires balancing and people who are too young or too old may have difficulties with this, so it may not be appropriate for them. These products have their other pros and cons. So whether you’re a geek or not, it’s important that you consider these pros and cons to determine if an hoverboard is good for you or not.

The Pros

  • Ease of movement. It would be easier and quicker to move around with a hoverboard compared to walking; that is as long as you already got used to it and you are able to balance yourself. If going from one point to another that has some distance and you are on time crunch, this would also be useful.
  • Loads of options. There are various brands of hoverboards available in the market, both on local stores and online. It would not be difficult to purchase one. They also range in varying prices so you could compare and decide which one is best for your preference and budget.
  • No fare. You could save on transportation in places where they can be used. There’s no need to catch a bus or taxi, or have your vehicle fueled as you could get to your destination with an hoverboard.

The Cons

  • Can cause injury. As mentioned, you need to have the balance and you should be careful in using the hoverboard. One wrong move and you could end up with an injury. It’s recommended that you wear safety gears like helmets and pads to prevent injuries.
  • While they come in different prices, they are still not cheap. The cheapest one can cost you around $300, which is not cheap at all.
  • Cannot be used everywhere. There are cities that do not allow the use of hoverboards on the streets and certain places like malls. If you leave within these cities, the areas where you could use it would be limited. You should also be aware of these regulations to avoid problems with the law.

Hoverboards are fascinating since they were only once part of a fictional movie, but they are now here in flesh, making both geeks and non-geeks go crazy over them. If you’re planning to get one, consider these pros and cons carefully so you could make the right decision.

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Gamification – Could It Help You Become More Productive?


Gamification is using various game elements such as competition, leveling up or scoring points and applying it to other areas in your life like enhancing productivity in doing your chores. Not all people are fond of doing household chores. However, this still needs to be done in order to keep your home clean and organized. Whether you’re living on your own or you’re living with other family members, you can apply gamification in order to get things done, even those dreaded chores.

There should be a specific goal, motivation and even rewards. You may be rewarded points for clearing out the snow on a set schedule. To make it even more exciting, you may be given additional points for finishing them within a certain time. The family member with the highest points may be given a certain reward after a week. Now that you know the idea behind gamification, here are some ways on how it could help you become more productive.

Sense of Competition

Gamification makes you compete with other family members, housemates or even yourself. Every person has this competitive side that makes you want to win over your opponents. Since you feel that urge to win, you will do your best to finish your chores and even do it as fast as you can to get higher points.

It Gives You Motivation

You are not just doing the chores just because you were tasked to do it. There’s now a motivation to finish the job or even take an extra mile since something is at stake and you want to get it. You get an extra push or an inspiration to complete the chores, even those that you didn’t like doing before.

The Rewards

This is one of the biggest things on why gamification could help you become more productive. You know that you would get something from completing your chores. This doesn’t have to always be a material thing. It could be that rewarding feeling that you feel for winning the game or for beating your own record.

If you want to enhance the productivity of your family in finishing the household chores, try the gamification method and see the difference.

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How Drones Are Luring Gamers out of the House to Play with Their Toys

How Drones Are Luring Gamers out of the House to Play with Their ToysThese days, people are drawn to the attraction provided by live camera and virtual reality games such as Pokémon GO and Ingress using smartphones and iPhones. The sales for Oculus rift and other VR devices are increasing for an enhanced gaming experience. But more than these virtual reality trends, there is an up and coming thing for gamers who prefer playing with live flying toys. What used to be impossible, stuff of science fiction, or unchartered territory has redefined the gaming landscape altogether with another rising trend apart from this virtual reality craze – drone quadcopter gaming technology.

A League of their Own

A more sophisticated global group of gamers are known for flocking towards associations like the Aerial Sports League for a higher form of entertainment, literally and figuratively. Drone racing and combat facilities are now sprouting as part of the mainstream among remote control vehicle enthusiasts. Meetups for drone enthusiasts have evolved from merely flying in open spaces in unison to actually creating wrestling competitive matches among drone units.

Drone Tournaments and Races

Game of Drones is only a few years old but it has made waves because of its unique drone tournament approach. They set up arenas in announced venues and drone players flock and duel with their drone gadgets against another player. One winner emerges in the series of games that is being organized regularly. In these flying fight clubs, even 15-year-old boys can gain superstar status with the ability to maneuver and operate their drones in combat stance.

Drone Gaming in the Near Future

From being humble tiny groups of remote control enthusiasts, drone owners are now entering a new age of playing with their drones but using a multiplayer setup and tournament. Drone maker companies such as Drone N Base are now accepting pre-orders for an infrared sensor operated drone device that is used perfectly for gaming purposes that they will uniquely develop.

The drones are slowly but surely gaining steam to have the potential to become the next mainstream gaming hit aside from its numerous uses in military, civilian, and natural disaster management applications. Who knows, maybe the next phase of Pokémon GO’s viral popularity will happen mid-air with real-life drone-powered pocket monsters?

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Why You Should Put Down That Xbox Controller and Hit the Gym

Why You Should Put Down That Xbox Controller and Hit the GymGamers are truly passionate about their sport but something that passionate can get in the way of their health. Many gamers make the mistake of playing for hours on end ignoring their health. What many gamers don’t realize is the hitting the gym every once in a while can actually improve their gaming experience. Today we are going to take a look at several reasons why every gamer should put down the controller and hit the gym.

Five Reasons Gamers Should Be Hitting the Gym

1. It will improve your gameplay

By being more active and hitting the gym, your gameplay will greatly improve. Being active will not only help your body, but it will also allow your brain to react much faster making your gameplay much better.

2. It will prolong your life

When you exercise more you will be in better physical shape which will help you live much longer. This, in turn, will give you many more years of happy gameplay.

3. You will keep obesity at bay

If you hit the gym a few times a week, the chances you will become overweight will be greatly reduced. This will help you avoid many health problems as well.

4. You will feel much better

Working out has a very powerful effect on your mood. Exercise can help ward off the depression that many gamers often face. With a more positive outlook on life, you can enjoy your favorite games in a different light.

5. It will impress your friends

As stated above, many gamers sit for long hours playing their games. This often leaves them with what is known as gamer body. This condition leaves players overweight and many of them have health problems. Instead of falling into this category, why not impress your friends by hitting the gym which will have you looking your best?


If hitting the pavement or gym memberships aren’t your thing, don’t worry! You can get a couple of minutes of exercise right in the comfort of your living room by investing in an exercise machine. You can choose from a wide variety of equipment – exercise bike, rowing machine, treadmill, or an elliptical.

An elliptical machine is a favorite among consumers because it works both upper and lower muscle groups. This means you can practically get a full body workout in 30 minutes or so. However, not all ellipticals are made the same. Products such as the Schwinn 430 is considered to be far more superior than other models. But before you get that specific product, make sure to read a Schwinn 430 review to see if it comes with all the features you need.

At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with exercise. Not only will it keep you healthy despite living a gamer’s lifestyle, it will also help clear your thoughts thus enabling you to think of better game strategies.

5 Signs You Are Addicted To Gaming And How You Can Stay Healthy

addicted-to-gamingAre you an online or video gamer? Do you sit in front of your computer, Xbox, PlayStation or whatever gaming console you have for hours on end trying to level up, or trying to finish just one more quest? However, one more quest always turns into another one, and one more level turns into just one more. Gaming can be really addicting and it can really consume your time, energy and focus.

With the advancements of our technology these days, video games are now becoming progressively detailed, complex, and the graphics are becoming more life-like. Games now have more realistic characters, interesting storylines, better and sharper graphics, and even greater challenges for strategy making. With these improvements, it is not all that surprising that most teenagers would rather stay at home and play the newest video or computer game rather than go out to hang out with friends. Some teenagers even prefer playing video or computer games rather than bond with their family. It sounds sad, but that is the reality in this modern world of gaming today.

Addiction to gaming is not yet formally recognized by the American Medical Association as a diagnosable disorder. However, there has been an increasing amount of evidence that individuals of all ages, most especially pre-teens and teens, are facing some very real and sometimes even severe consequences due to gaming. This evidence points out the different concerns related with the compulsive use of computer and video games. If you or anyone you know, has been spending a lot of time lately in front of a computer, here are some signs that you or they need some help.

Top 5 Signs You Need Help With Computer or Video Gaming Addiction

  1. You would rather spend your time in front of your computer or video game console playing a game, rather than actually going out to hang out with your friends.
  2. You feel satisfied and even really happy whenever you are online and whenever you are playing games. However, as soon as someone disturbs you or as soon as someone makes you stop, you get extremely upset and angry. You might even lash out and hurl hurtful words at whoever disrupted your gaming.
  3. You think and imagine about going online constantly. You might even imagine playing your game when you should b efocusing on some other task at hand. In fact, you would rather think about gaming rather than doing your school work or studying for exams.
  4. You do not notice the time is passing anymore. You get so focused on your game that you might not notice how the day has passed already.
  5. You forget to eat, or if you do eat, you eat in front of your computer or gaming console. Since you are constantly in front of the computer, you might also end up neglecting your health.

Basically, when you get addicted to gaming you end up neglecting many important aspects of your life. For one, you neglect your social life. You would rather stay at home, be by yourself and play your game rather than go out and bond with your family or friends. Most importantly, when you get addicted to gaming, you also tend to end up neglecting you overall physical health. You no longer eat properly, you do not get enough sleep, and you no longer get the exercise you need. However, it is very essential that you remind yourself or someone you know who is addicted to gaming, to take a break and take care of your health. So, how do you do that? How do you entice someone to leave the gaming world and exercise?

From Online Gaming To Zumba

Most teenagers find exercise exhausting and boring however with the introduction of Zumba there is now a fun and alternative way for exercising. Make sure to encourage yourself, or someone you know who else currently addicted to gaming to take a break every once in a while. Zumba, with its upbeat music and amusing dance/exercise moves, you would surely enjoy yourself while still getting the exercise you need.

Gaming is fun and a great distraction from your real life, however remember to keep it in moderation. In addition to that, never neglect your health and take breaks as much as possible. Make sure to consider Zumba as an exercise – it is a fun and will surely keep you entertained.