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5 Signs You Are Addicted To Gaming And How You Can Stay Healthy

addicted-to-gamingAre you an online or video gamer? Do you sit in front of your computer, Xbox, PlayStation or whatever gaming console you have for hours on end trying to level up, or trying to finish just one more quest? However, one more quest always turns into another one, and one more level turns into just one more. Gaming can be really addicting and it can really consume your time, energy and focus.

With the advancements of our technology these days, video games are now becoming progressively detailed, complex, and the graphics are becoming more life-like. Games now have more realistic characters, interesting storylines, better and sharper graphics, and even greater challenges for strategy making. With these improvements, it is not all that surprising that most teenagers would rather stay at home and play the newest video or computer game rather than go out to hang out with friends. Some teenagers even prefer playing video or computer games rather than bond with their family. It sounds sad, but that is the reality in this modern world of gaming today.

Addiction to gaming is not yet formally recognized by the American Medical Association as a diagnosable disorder. However, there has been an increasing amount of evidence that individuals of all ages, most especially pre-teens and teens, are facing some very real and sometimes even severe consequences due to gaming. This evidence points out the different concerns related with the compulsive use of computer and video games. If you or anyone you know, has been spending a lot of time lately in front of a computer, here are some signs that you or they need some help.

Top 5 Signs You Need Help With Computer or Video Gaming Addiction

  1. You would rather spend your time in front of your computer or video game console playing a game, rather than actually going out to hang out with your friends.
  2. You feel satisfied and even really happy whenever you are online and whenever you are playing games. However, as soon as someone disturbs you or as soon as someone makes you stop, you get extremely upset and angry. You might even lash out and hurl hurtful words at whoever disrupted your gaming.
  3. You think and imagine about going online constantly. You might even imagine playing your game when you should b efocusing on some other task at hand. In fact, you would rather think about gaming rather than doing your school work or studying for exams.
  4. You do not notice the time is passing anymore. You get so focused on your game that you might not notice how the day has passed already.
  5. You forget to eat, or if you do eat, you eat in front of your computer or gaming console. Since you are constantly in front of the computer, you might also end up neglecting your health.

Basically, when you get addicted to gaming you end up neglecting many important aspects of your life. For one, you neglect your social life. You would rather stay at home, be by yourself and play your game rather than go out and bond with your family or friends. Most importantly, when you get addicted to gaming, you also tend to end up neglecting you overall physical health. You no longer eat properly, you do not get enough sleep, and you no longer get the exercise you need. However, it is very essential that you remind yourself or someone you know who is addicted to gaming, to take a break and take care of your health. So, how do you do that? How do you entice someone to leave the gaming world and exercise?

From Online Gaming To Zumba

Most teenagers find exercise exhausting and boring however with the introduction of Zumba there is now a fun and alternative way for exercising. Make sure to encourage yourself, or someone you know who else currently addicted to gaming to take a break every once in a while. Zumba, with its upbeat music and amusing dance/exercise moves, you would surely enjoy yourself while still getting the exercise you need.

Gaming is fun and a great distraction from your real life, however remember to keep it in moderation. In addition to that, never neglect your health and take breaks as much as possible. Make sure to consider Zumba as an exercise – it is a fun and will surely keep you entertained.

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