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5 Things You Will Find in Every Gamer’s Backpack

Gamers are a growing breed of people. There is now such a thing as a professional gamer. They play for high stakes tournaments, in much the same manner as there are professional poker players who play in tournaments. They may look young, geeky or nerdy, however, what sets them apart is their fairly large backpack that they bring along with them wherever they go. Gamers love to bring their games along with them and these are the things inside those backpacks.

  1. Laptop. Gamers love their laptop. In most tournaments, there are standard gaming desktops for use by the players. To keep in shape, gamers bring their own laptops to practice wherever they are. Although there are gaming laptops, which are worth more than $3,000, most gamers use more modestly priced machines. You can easily find the best laptop for under $400, but gamers have specific needs and would only settle for the best.
  2. Headset. Popular games are dependent on their music and sound effects. In most instances, gamers like to play them as loud as possible. However, they may not be pushing the volume so much when they wear headsets. Besides keeping their games quiet with the use of headsets, they also need to communicate with other gamers when playing network games.
  3. Gaming mouse. There is such a thing as a gaming mouse. It only looks like a regular mouse, but with plenty of LED lights. However, a gaming mouse is also more sensitive than a regular computer mouse. There is also a certain ergonomic feel and design about the mouse, which makes it better to hold. In most instances, there are also extra buttons on the mouse, which are customizable and used depending on the game.
  4. Phone tablet. A gamer does not always play with a computer. In his spare time, he would be playing on a phone tablet. While others are content to play with their regular sized phones, most gamers would rather have a slightly larger phone, but not a full-blown tablet.
  5. Straw bottle/thermos bottle. Like other computer geeks, they like to have their own bottles close at hand. It can contain an energy drink or even a tall drink of coffee. They need it to keep awake during tournaments.

There are other things that a gamer would have in his backpack. There are some who have neck pillows, power banks, can holders, cables of every kind, as well as a wrist support for carpal tunnel syndrome. These are all necessities, however, gamers usually bring these along as a matter of personal preference. As a general rule, the top five items they have in their backpack are a gaming laptop, headset, gaming mouse, phone tablet also for games, and a straw bottle or a thermos bottle.

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