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Are Hoverboards Just for Geeks or Everybody?

are-hoverboards-just-for-geeks-or-everybodyHoverboards have become a hit before they were even made available in the market. Fans of the 1989 Back to the Future II would surely know about it. The lead character of the movie Marty McFly was riding a hoverboard on the year set in 2015. Fast forward today, hoverboards sell like hotcakes around the world. Although these hoverboards are technically self-balancing two-wheeled boards and not completely similar to the one in the movie, they were given this name since they are almost similar. There are already products that do not have wheels and fly like that of the movie, but they are extremely expensive and cost thousands of dollars.

Since hoverboards are tied with the science fiction movie that is about time traveling, people are asking if they are only for geeks or if they are for everybody. These items can be used even by non-geeks, although it’s still not for everyone. It requires balancing and people who are too young or too old may have difficulties with this, so it may not be appropriate for them. These products have their other pros and cons. So whether you’re a geek or not, it’s important that you consider these pros and cons to determine if an hoverboard is good for you or not.

The Pros

  • Ease of movement. It would be easier and quicker to move around with a hoverboard compared to walking; that is as long as you already got used to it and you are able to balance yourself. If going from one point to another that has some distance and you are on time crunch, this would also be useful.
  • Loads of options. There are various brands of hoverboards available in the market, both on local stores and online. It would not be difficult to purchase one. They also range in varying prices so you could compare and decide which one is best for your preference and budget.
  • No fare. You could save on transportation in places where they can be used. There’s no need to catch a bus or taxi, or have your vehicle fueled as you could get to your destination with an hoverboard.

The Cons

  • Can cause injury. As mentioned, you need to have the balance and you should be careful in using the hoverboard. One wrong move and you could end up with an injury. It’s recommended that you wear safety gears like helmets and pads to prevent injuries.
  • While they come in different prices, they are still not cheap. The cheapest one can cost you around $300, which is not cheap at all.
  • Cannot be used everywhere. There are cities that do not allow the use of hoverboards on the streets and certain places like malls. If you leave within these cities, the areas where you could use it would be limited. You should also be aware of these regulations to avoid problems with the law.

Hoverboards are fascinating since they were only once part of a fictional movie, but they are now here in flesh, making both geeks and non-geeks go crazy over them. If you’re planning to get one, consider these pros and cons carefully so you could make the right decision.

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