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Gamification – Could It Help You Become More Productive?


Gamification is using various game elements such as competition, leveling up or scoring points and applying it to other areas in your life like enhancing productivity in doing your chores. Not all people are fond of doing household chores. However, this still needs to be done in order to keep your home clean and organized. Whether you’re living on your own or you’re living with other family members, you can apply gamification in order to get things done, even those dreaded chores.

There should be a specific goal, motivation and even rewards. You may be rewarded points for clearing out the snow on a set schedule. To make it even more exciting, you may be given additional points for finishing them within a certain time. The family member with the highest points may be given a certain reward after a week. Now that you know the idea behind gamification, here are some ways on how it could help you become more productive.

Sense of Competition

Gamification makes you compete with other family members, housemates or even yourself. Every person has this competitive side that makes you want to win over your opponents. Since you feel that urge to win, you will do your best to finish your chores and even do it as fast as you can to get higher points.

It Gives You Motivation

You are not just doing the chores just because you were tasked to do it. There’s now a motivation to finish the job or even take an extra mile since something is at stake and you want to get it. You get an extra push or an inspiration to complete the chores, even those that you didn’t like doing before.

The Rewards

This is one of the biggest things on why gamification could help you become more productive. You know that you would get something from completing your chores. This doesn’t have to always be a material thing. It could be that rewarding feeling that you feel for winning the game or for beating your own record.

If you want to enhance the productivity of your family in finishing the household chores, try the gamification method and see the difference.

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