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How Drones Are Luring Gamers out of the House to Play with Their Toys

How Drones Are Luring Gamers out of the House to Play with Their ToysThese days, people are drawn to the attraction provided by live camera and virtual reality games such as Pokémon GO and Ingress using smartphones and iPhones. The sales for Oculus rift and other VR devices are increasing for an enhanced gaming experience. But more than these virtual reality trends, there is an up and coming thing for gamers who prefer playing with live flying toys. What used to be impossible, stuff of science fiction, or unchartered territory has redefined the gaming landscape altogether with another rising trend apart from this virtual reality craze – drone quadcopter gaming technology.

A League of their Own

A more sophisticated global group of gamers are known for flocking towards associations like the Aerial Sports League for a higher form of entertainment, literally and figuratively. Drone racing and combat facilities are now sprouting as part of the mainstream among remote control vehicle enthusiasts. Meetups for drone enthusiasts have evolved from merely flying in open spaces in unison to actually creating wrestling competitive matches among drone units.

Drone Tournaments and Races

Game of Drones is only a few years old but it has made waves because of its unique drone tournament approach. They set up arenas in announced venues and drone players flock and duel with their drone gadgets against another player. One winner emerges in the series of games that is being organized regularly. In these flying fight clubs, even 15-year-old boys can gain superstar status with the ability to maneuver and operate their drones in combat stance.

Drone Gaming in the Near Future

From being humble tiny groups of remote control enthusiasts, drone owners are now entering a new age of playing with their drones but using a multiplayer setup and tournament. Drone maker companies such as Drone N Base are now accepting pre-orders for an infrared sensor operated drone device that is used perfectly for gaming purposes that they will uniquely develop.

The drones are slowly but surely gaining steam to have the potential to become the next mainstream gaming hit aside from its numerous uses in military, civilian, and natural disaster management applications. Who knows, maybe the next phase of Pokémon GO’s viral popularity will happen mid-air with real-life drone-powered pocket monsters?

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